Remote System Administration - BASE

This is the BASE ClusterVision remote system administration support package. You can use this service package as a stacking point for most other extension packages.

When activated the ClusterVision remote system administration teams will provide below system administration services on your (cluster)infrastructure through a secure connection over the Internet. A good quality and secure Internet connection to the cluster is required as described on the remote access page.


  • Receive error and event notices from the cluster and take action where necessary.
  • Frequently (automated where applicable) check the cluster status.

Cluster Status Checks:

  • Checking that all machines are operational.
  • Checking that the interconnect subsystems are in good health.
  • Monitoring error states in any attached storage RAID units.
  • Checking all relevant Linux and queuing system logs where necessary
  • Check status of monitoring and event trigger configurations where necessary


  • Maintenance of a default change logbook.

The change log is used for logging all major fixes, changes, updates, upgrades etc. When applicable it is under shared responsibility with all local system administrators and by default maintained on the managed infrastructure.


Important Notes:

  • Monitoring is 24x7, however actions will be taken during regular business hours with a 4 hour response time unless stated otherwise.
  • The customer must designate a single point of contact for communication about this service.
  • The customer retains superuser/root access, but all customer-made changes to the cluster configuration must be approved by our support department first so that appropriate preparations for this service can be taken. Approval will normally not be unreasonably withheld.
  • This service must be ordered and paid per year upfront. If this service is interrupted by the customer, a start-up fee may be charged to restart the service.

Service Package Code: 
Service Field: 
Remote System Administration
Available Onsite: 

Available Remote: 


Remote access as described on the remote access page.


Annual Subscription

Supported Environments: 


Implementation Time: 

Full support lifetime.

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