Remote System Administration - Periodic Security Auditing

This service package covers remote periodic security auditing of the actively running operating system suite. This service has been designed to raise awareness of possibly compromised systems and report on unauthorized activity.


  • Periodic testing of installed applications for known vulnerabilities.
  • Intrusion detection scanning using publicly available Linux rootkit and malware checking tools.
  • Reporting on compromised systems and cleaning up when trivial.
  • Automatic agreed upon lock down procedure when compromise is detected.


  • Forensics after any compromise.
  • Full recovery after any compromise.
  • Recovery or re-installations of compromised systems.
  • Security auditing on code.


  • This remote system administration package is an add-on package for the CVS-RSA-BASE package and requires this to be a part of the overall service contract.

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Remote System Administration
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Service package CVS-RSA-BASE


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Full support lifetime.

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