Remote System Administration - Parallel Filesystems

This service package covers remote system administration by ClusterVision for most file systems on your infrastructure.


  • Full maintenance and monitoring for one parallel file system.
  • Tuning file systems to specific needs.
  • Best effort assistance during disaster recovery on broken file systems.
  • File system rebuilding on target devices.
  • Support for complex file storage back end infrastructure.
  • Keep the configuration up-to-date with (security) updates.


  • Restore of corruption or missing data due to any software or hardware crash.
  • Maintenance on file storage back end infrastructure.

Supported file systems:

  • GPFS v3.x
  • LustreFS v1.6.x
  • LustreFS v1.8.x
  • LustreFS v2.x
  • FhGFS 2009.08 and above
  • PanFS
  • ZFS (Limited support only)

A separate service package needs to be purchased for every GPFS, LustreFS, PanFS, FhGFS and ZFS filesystem. Please contact your ClusterVision representative when in doubt about the service coverage.

Not yet, no longer or unsupported:

  • Ceph
  • Btrfs
  • Hadoop
  • GLustreFS

Please contact your ClusterVision representative when you are seeking service coverage for the above or alternative (parallel) file systems.


  • When applicable and agreed upon, we will maintain critical production environments using the if-it-is-not-broken-do-not-fix-it principle.
  • This remote system administration service is an add-on package for the CVS-RSA-BASE service and requires this to be a part of the overall contract.

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Remote System Administration
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Service package CVS-RSA-BASE


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Full support lifetime.

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