Remote System Administration - Monitoring and Reporting

This service package covers full monitoring and reporting of the infrastructural side of your machine where possible. ClusterVision technical support will configure your system to report on all events. Periodic management summaries will also be provided on a regular basis.

Included but not limited to:

  • Full, monthly aggregated reporting on all events.
  • Automatic reporting of events via email.
  • Embedded operating system change logs into management reports.

Optional: (using ClusterVision Service Credits)

  • Tailor made development of SMS Text message alerts.
  • Tailor made development of automated integration of other information into the reporting. (i.e. queuing system statistics)

SMS Text messages are partly supported by default. Please contact your ClusterVision representative for more information or if you are seeking alternative message backend support. Development of integrated parts like monthly queuing system usage into the management reporting are often build once and tailored to your specific needs. These optional cases are often best covered using some Prepaid ClusterVision Service Credits.


  • Nagios.
  • Bright Cluster Manager monitoring.
  • ClusterVisionOS monitoring.
  • ClusterVision custom build monitoring.


  • This remote system administration service is an add-on package for the CVS-RSA-BASE service and requires this to be a part of the overall service contract.

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Remote System Administration
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Service package CVS-RSA-BASE


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Full support lifetime.

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