Remote System Administration - Environmental Management

This service package covers full remotely administrated environmental management. It covers integrated support with the monitoring framework at hand and will enable our ClusterVision remote system administration team to deal with environmental events accordingly. Environmental thresholds and events are defined as metrics which can be sampled from the management systems. These are often but not limited to: integrated machine on-board sensors, IPMI subsystems, APC environmental management kits, ClusterVision custom one-wire configurations and external water cooled air conditioning systems.


  • Tailor made automated graceful shutdown of specific components processes based on environmental thresholds.
  • Management of automated shutdown of specific processes based on environmental thresholds.
  • Creation and activation of a full system emergency shutdown based on environmental thresholds.
  • Energy efficiency and hardware specific optimizations where applicable.


  • Restart of machines and processes after the stabilization of the environmental levels.


  • This remote system administration package is an add-on package for the CVS-RSA-BASE package.

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Remote System Administration
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Service package CVS-RSA-BASE


Annual Subscription

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All. When in doubt, contact your ClusterVision representative.

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Full support lifetime.

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