Remote System Administration - Enduser Helpdesk and Assistance

This service package covers a first and second line end user help desk and assistance service. Usually single package is required for every 50 registered end users.


  • Our helpdesk and assistance package is always a tailor made service with a custom service level agreement to perfectly fit your needs. If you are interested in this service with ClusterVision we would kindly ask to contact your account manager for more information.

Generally Included:

  • Comprehensive User Help Desk service.
  • First line support for up to 50 registered end users.
  • Second line support for up to 50 registered end users.
  • ClusterVision service portal accounts for up to 50 registered end users.

Generally Excluded:

  • Creation of new user accounts.
  • Removal of old user accounts.
  • Requests to change any authentication credentials. (i.e. reset passwords)
  • Integration setup with your local authentication subsystems.

All above excluded options are part of the other CVS-RSA service products.


  • This remote system administration package is an add-on package for the CVS-RSA-BASE package and requires both CVS-RSA-BASE and CVS-RSA-ACCOUNTS as part of the overall service contract.

Service Package Code: 
Service Field: 
Remote System Administration
Available Onsite: 

Available Remote: 


Service package CVS-RSA-BASE
Service package CVS-RSA-ACCOUNTS


Tailored to you needs

Supported Environments: 


Implementation Time: 

Full support lifetime.

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