Prepaid ClusterVision Service Credits

Our Prepaid ClusterVision Service Credits offers maximum flexibility and an almost unlimited access to all our available services.


Assuming you have available credits you can use them in various ways and ClusterVision will not differentiate on complexity. Cost calculations are based on priority, location(onsite or remotely) and hours spent on the provided services. Unfortunately in some cases it will be extremely difficult to predict the amount of time needed to complete something. In these cases our technicians will make a best guess at the time needed and discuss this with you. Naturally you are entitled to define the maximum time limits to be spent on a certain task at hand.

Can be used for:

  • Reconfiguration of the cluster, such as network, queuing system configuration.
  • HPC Workshop or training for new staff.
  • Getting a 2nd opinion on your machine room.
  • Performance and benchmark testing of your HPC.
  • Incidentally use the same services provided with all the “Remote System Administration” packages.
  • Assistance on tasks not covered by current contracts that are flagged during support calls.
  • Integration of new technologies and or...You name it!...
  • Offload complex operations on parallel file systems or interconnects to the ClusterVision technical staff.
  • ...You name it!...

Service Costs

By default ClusterVision charges a rate of 1 credit per hour, with a minimum of 1 credit, for works carried out by one of our technicians from remote, during business hours at scheduled times and with normal priority. Normal priority is defined as a first come first served.

However we do have various options available if you seek escalation of the tasks you want to see carried out. Available exceptions to our standard service level is available by applying the formula's in below matrix.

Default Hourly RateActivity TypeCredit Cost MultiplierMinimum Amount
1 Credit Standard Hourly Ratenone1 Credit
Assistance at Customer SiteMultiply hourly rate by x216 Credits
Unscheduled WorkMultiply hourly rate by x22 Credits
Extreme PriorityMultiply hourly rate by x42 Credits
Outside of Business HoursMultiply hourly rate by x33 Credits

  • Any service activity performed explicitly excludes costs associated replacement components unless under the appropriate warranty with ClusterVision.

Getting Credits

Fortunately most large scale installations built by ClusterVision nowadays come with prepaid ClusterVision Service Credits included. Getting more, or additional credits is easy if you happen to have insufficient credits. Just contact us at for more information on the purchase of credit bundles.

Service Package Code: 
Service Field: 
Remote System Administration
Available Onsite: 

Available Remote: 


Remote access as described on the remote access page.


Depending on available Credits

Supported Environments: 


Implementation Time: 

Depending on case

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