Next Business Day Tier1

Many of our clusters are based on hardware supplied by tier one hardware vendors such as Dell, IBM and Fujitsu. If you have such a cluster we recommend that as a minimum you take the “Next Business Day Tier1” support option from ClusterVision. It can often be hard to determine which component is faulty before you call out a Tier1 engineer. With this support option we will help you by remotely diagnosing the hardware and telling you which information the Tier1 support line will need. It is then your responsibility to open and track the support ticket, but at least you can be sure you are asking the
right questions about the right hardware.

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Analysis Remote: 

Analysis Onsite: 

Response Time Remote: 

Within 4 Business Hours

Response Time Onsite: 

Depending on Tier1 Conditions Selected

Guaranteed Repair Time: 

Number of Incidents: 


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First Point of Contact: 

CRU Replacement: 


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