Next Business Day Pro

If you do not mind changing CRU's but prefer an engineer when a more critical failure occurs, the “Next Business Day Pro” package is ideal. This service level relies on spares shipments for basic faults such as PSU or disk failure, but if a more critical component such as a switch or motherboard fails, an on-site engineer will replace the failed component and get your system up again.

This service also includes software and firmware updates by our engineers as well as on-site analysis for more complex faults that are hard to diagnose from remote.

Package Code: 


Analysis Remote: 

Analysis Onsite: 

Response Time Remote: 

Within 4 Business Hours

Response Time Onsite: 

Post Analysis Next Business Day

Guaranteed Repair Time: 

Number of Incidents: 


Single Point of Contact: 

First Point of Contact: 

CRU Replacement: 

Level 2



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