Next Business Day

Our next business day support package is available for most of the hardware we supply. This package is the most cost effective option for sites where IT staff are used to looking after the systems. If a component fails, we will ship a new one to you right after diagnosis. We stock most parts, so we may ship them by the next business day. But with some parts or a larger number of failures, we may need to order the parts from our suppliers, which will add some delay. Once received, we will ask you to fit this. The advantage to you is that you do not need to make an appointment to grant an engineer access to your site, and can schedule the repair when you want to do it.

Should the issue require a repair that cannot be effected through the replacement of a Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) then we will either send a technician to your site or we will send you a complete replacement system.

All our support packages are available for continuous periods from 1-5 years and can be mixed and matched to fit your requirements.

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Analysis Remote: 

Analysis Onsite: 

Response Time Remote: 

Within 4 Business Hours

Response Time Onsite: 

Post Analysis Next Business Day

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CRU Replacement: 

Level 1



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